• "We get things done, we are constructively impatient."

“We want to make a real impact, we are not intimidated by scale and complexity”

Vanir Green Industries is established by one of the founders of Freyr Batteries.
The development of Freyr from concept to NYSE listed company in 4 years has yielded important insight in large scale industrial development. Vanir Green Industries will leverage this knowledge and the value created from Freyr in our mission to create a more sustainable future.

“We want to make lasting impact and help build a better and brighter future.”

We are guided by three fundamentals in everything we do:

Speed, Scale and Sustainability.

Circularity and synergies

Surplus energy is created in most industrial processes. We aim to identify and utilise all surplus energy, like steam or heat, and utilise these in other processes, so that no energy is wasted.

At Vanir utilizing synergies is a part of everything we do.

We are creating an ecosystem where the guiding principle is to develop value in partnership with others while help solving the climate crisis.

We aim to master how value is created by always taking into account how this affects the natural environment and society.

We realise this is only achievable if partners bring complementary skills and resources to the partnership.

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Social responsibility & local value creation

We want to secure long-term cooperation to contribute to local and regional jobs, infrastructure improvements and other local improvement measures.

We cooperate with landowners, local organizations and municipalities regarding local development.

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