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In Removr, we develop solutions for removing CO2 from the atmosphere and store it permanently in the geosphere.

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Removr’s ambition is to become the global leader in Direct Air Capture. It starts with the world's first large-scale solid sorbent carbon removal facility, leveraging the best available technology, unique Nordic advantages, and a world-class team and partners.

We have an ambition to launch our first 1million ton DAC plant in 2028, based on patented technology which has been proven through four small-scale pilots since 2016. While being the most environmentally friendly among known DAC technologies, Removr’s solution also offers clear cost advantages due to its energy efficiency. Removr’s ambition is to reduce electricity consumption by more than 50% compared to current DAC plants.

Read more: www.removr.no

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Blastr Green Steel is at the forefront of the steel industry's technological shift.

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Blastr Green Steel was established with the aim to become an integrated green steel producer leveraging Nordic advantages. By utilising local raw materials and fossil free energy and applying a circular economy thinking throughout the value chain, we aim to cut the CO2 emissions of our end products by 95%.

We will establish production facilities in the Nordic Region, with its ambitious political energy transition agenda, deep ice-free ports giving access to the attractive European markets, and highly qualified workforce. our plan entails the production of 2.5 million tonnes of high-quality green steel on coils per year, based on Nordic iron ore concentrates.

Read more: www.blastr.no

"Blastr's planned project will contribute to an emission reduction of ≈4.6 million tonnes of CO2 per year, which corresponds to more than 50% of the total CO2 emissions from Norwegian road traffic in 2020."


Njordr develops, operate and own wind and solar power production to
deliver clean and renewable power.

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The necessary measures to reach the world's climate goals means that the demand for renewable electricity is increasing. A high price of electricity will make established industry and new green industrial establishments unprofitable, unless large amounts of new electricity is supplied. Wind power can be developed quickly and is therefore best suited to meet the need and provide an immediate climate effect.

Njordr develops both onshore and offshore wind power in the Nordics. Through developing, building and operating wind farms we want to contribute new fossil free power supply for the benefit of society, industrial development, local value creation and lasting jobs.

The team behind Njordr has a track record as the premiere, private wind developer in Norway over the last 20 years.

Read more: www.njordr.no

"The energy dilemma is that no one wants wind power on land, no one wants power masts, no one wants new hydropower and there is also skepticism about wind power at sea...but everyone wants enough and cheap electricity. It is, unfortunately, not possible to get new and renewable energy in a shell that looks good, without it having some consequences for nature and other interests."

Norwegian Parliament, 19.09.2022
Terje Aasland, Minister of Oil and Energy

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